Scripture Puzzle #10: Book of Mormon Trivia

TOPIC: Book of Mormon Trivia
(Just a heads up, this is a little bit harder puzzle.)

INSTRUCTIONS: This is just a straight word search with questions from the Book of Mormon. It's a little bit harder puzzle and I found it online since I didn't have time to make one for Sunday. Unfortunately, I can't remember or find the website I grabbed this from so I cant' give them due credit. If anyone finds the same puzzle on another site, let me know in the comments box. Thanks.

Click the image for a printable PDF version of the puzzle.

Also, here are some Mormon Ads about "The Book of Mormon" to go with the puzzle.
Aren't Mormon Ads the best? I agree.

If you see any mistakes in the puzzle, which is highly likely since spell check and I don't always get along, please let me know in the comments box below. Feel free to send me any other questions or feedback you might have about the puzzles. Thanks!


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